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5 new stories

On the last week Ramona Bica sent me 4 new stories !!!!! All beautiful and beautiful designed by students of his school.
With Alice in the Wonderland that she sent me a few weeks ago, she created 5 new stories !!!!

I do not know how to thank ramona, the only way is to continue contributing to creating new books and updating the application.

The new books are:

Alice (nel paese delle meraviglie)
L’elefante dalla proboscide troppo corta
La settimana di Bruco Bruno mai sazio
La volpe con la pancia piena
La cosa più importante

Thanks a lot Ramona !!

These are all Italian-language books. 

However few weeks ago I translated one of the books, Pinocchio, but I never published it because I was not convinced about translation. On the other hand I had to start from something and so I decided to public it. If you find some mistakes on the translation, please let me know, I'll be happy to correct it.

By the way, the book are played in the tablet language, so obviously for english people you listen to the wrong accent for italian language books and viceversa.

As always, you can find new books from the "Book Download" menu item on the main screen when the application is not locked.


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